R&D-Solutions Agriculture Food Process Purification

Support the technology development and R&D required for the Agro-food industry.

Jointly develop the technology required for food companies and farming companies through the collaboration.


Seed Disinfection

Increase the germination rate through the fresh storage of seed, reduce the harmful microbes by the ozone water sterilization and develop the growth-promoting technology of the crops.

Pesticide Alternatives

Research and develop the utilization technology of Plasma and Ozone water as a technology corresponding with PLS and replacing the prior pesticides.

Smart farm sterilization technology

Develop the sterilization technology under Smart Farm agricultural environments such as sterilization with nutrient solution or controlling blue-green algae at the plant factory or seedling culture field.

Food Process

Storage and Distribution

Provide freshening technology per food process to improve the freshness of food ingredients.

Washing & Preconditioning

Developed non-heating sterilization technology to control the early microbes.

MAP, Semi-Aseptic

R&D of packaging technology which can control microbes is being developed.



Develop and supply the reduction technology of microbes and contaminants in clean area.


Develop and supply the technology sterilizing food and agricultural water and utilizing aseptic water.


Supply the alternative technology to sterilize soil to Methyl Bromide soil sterilization.


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