Partnership Agri-food Factory&System SMART ICT

Open Innovation

Converge Plasma and ICT technology with open management in Agro-food industry and create new freshening technology and smart farm convergence technology.


Collaboration cases in agriculture

Developed technology required for agriculture such as farmer, agricultural corporation, farming association corporation, agricultural cooperative, etc.

• Tangerine fresh distribution technology

• Tangor fresh storage technology

• Sweet pumpkin storage distribution technology

• Kiwi storage distribution technology

Collaboration cases with companies

Developing the process microbial controlling technology for Agro-food processing companies, SM food companies and large food companies.

• Has developed technology extending the expiry of bean sprout and improving productivity.

• Has developed fresh HMR process microbes and early microbes controlling technology.

• Has developed the long-term storage technology of Chinese cabbage, onion, sweet pumpkin, etc.

Collaboration cases in research

Jointly develop the Agro-food technology with research institutions such as University, government research institute.

• Jeju University – Development of Kiwi fresh storage technology

• Sangmyung Uiversity – Joint development of technology for safe production and distribution management of agricultural/livestock products

• National Institute of Horticulture & Herbal Science – Development of distribution technology and on-site application to improve added value of tangerine

• National Institute of Agricultural Science – Test degradation performance of ethylene of Plasma & Ozone

Factory & System

Established Agroplasma Tech Co., Ltd and produces and supplied the fresh system.


Explore new various approaches through open management and hope to collaborate with open mind.


제주특별자치도 제주시 제주대학로 102, 201-1호(아라일동, 바이오융합센터2호관)

Jeju Special Self_Governing Province, Jeju-si, Jejudaehang-ro 102

Bio Convergence Center 201-1


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